Scripted examples

Most examples on this site have been generated by scripts. Not all designers will find that interesting, but TYPETR believes that typeface and publication development have radically changed over the past few years. The increase in size (800+ glyphs, 8000+ kerning pairs, interpolating weights and widths), the construction of the new variable fonts, and the creation of documents by parameters and data—rather than by manual page layout—call for new perspectives on typography and graphic design.

A workhorse for web and print

Upgrade variations for a myriad of uses

The wide variety of weights, combined with additional styles to be released in the near future (e.g., Upgrade Text, Upgrade Round, and Upgrade Var), makes the Upgrade family a perfect choice for corporate communications—from branding to annual reports to large enterprise sites. Learn more

Upgrade usage

Design Design Space

The Design Design Space website uses web versions of several Upgrade weights. This study and coaching environment offers designers and design students an online setting to develop their design process. Learn more

Book covers

For use on book covers, a nice range of very thin weights is available. Learn more

Apps and forms

With open apertures and a generous x-height, Upgrade performs well in low-resolution environments. Learn more


The Upgrade family works well as webfonts, either self-hosted or hosted by Type Network. Learn more

Long-form typography

The figure sets and variety of weights make the Upgrade family a viable tool for complex long-form typography. Learn more

Corporate identities

Future releases of Upgrade will include variants that can be used for logos and other identity elements. Learn more

Upgrade design study

It is beyond the scope of this website to discuss all of this in detail. And it is equally possible to purchase a single license of Upgrade. And yet, TYPETR thinks it relevant to mention that much of Upgrade’s functionality lends the typeface to scripted types of publications, such as online and automated PDF documents.

Within the stimulating, supportive context of Design Design Space, designers can study the development of their approach using scripting and other prototyping and production techniques. TYPETR Upgrade is an excellent example of how automation can address a typeface’s functionality more readily than manual processes. Scripts for the images on this website are available to designers who purchase an Upgrade license. Conversely, designers who take a course or workshop at Design Design Space will receive special free Upgrade styles.

Throughout this website, you will find examples of relevant studies and workshops that support the use of Upgrade in scripted publications. With the near-future release of Upgrade Var (a ten-axis variable font), this development will become even more important.

Future Upgrade releases

Thought challenge

What would a fusion of TYPETR Upgrade and TYPETR Bitcount look like? Stay tuned for more info soon. In the meantime, you can play with Bitcount at Type Network.

Bitcount 3D image renders by Mohamed Amine Belcaid.

Upgrade Var

In line with the new variable-font technology, Upgrade Var is under development with parametric interpolation axes XTRA, XOPQ, RNDS, GRAD, YTLC, YTUC, YTDE, and registered axes wght and wdth.

This new technology combines all Upgrade weights (and more) in a single font file, so all intermediate weights and widths can be selected, too. The practical aspect of this is that headlines can be made to fit a defined width and a given point size.

Perhaps this all sounds too technical for you. Worry not—you can expect to see more visual support here soon.

Read Type Network’s specification for parametric axes in variable fonts.